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When our clients contact us, one of the first questions they ask is, "Do you take my Insurance?"  The Answer is " Yes, but...." because working with insurance can be complicated.  Our intake team will do everything possible to work with your insurance.  Depending on your deductible, co-pay, service requested, we will always try to place you with an " in-network" provider, or recommend another provider who has your specialty expertise, and work with the insurance whenever possible.  We work with most commercial insurance carriers, Medicare and Acchs.  However, this is not a guarantee of payment, and we recommend you contact your insurance 800# on the back of your insurance card to find out what your benefits are, what your share of cost is, and if you have an out of network benefit, incase your provider of choice is not considered an in-network provider with your plan.

What if I cannot use, or don't have Insurance?

There are other options.  We are contracted with many Employee Assistance Programs, accept Health Savings Account payments and fee-for service payments.  We also offer our Affordable Service Membership Plan for individuals, and for families who do fall into the fee-for-services category.  If you choose to purchase a membership, you will have access to all fee-for services in house at reduced rates. For individuals receiving multiple services, or have multiple family members receiving care, this is a great way to significantly reduce out of pocket expenses.  This plan is not to be combined with the use of Insurance or EAP benefits, as it is a discounted plan for clients to access care at a more affordable, fee-for-service rate.  

Our intake team will do everything possible to work with your insurance plan. Sometimes, however, this is not possible. We have creative ways to get you the care you need. From working to obtain a single case agreement with your insurance plan, to billing under your out-of-network benefit, we do our best. Or, you can enroll in our Affordable Service Plan to access reduced fees for services received at Strategies for Success, with individual and family memberships available.